What is the Offgrid project ? How does it work,who’s doing it, when and how one can start being a part of it ? Here are a few explanations.

Right now Offgrid is in a pre-launching period. The offcial start will hapen on the 25th and 26th of March, during two main events : a presentation/conference and an free forum open on the entire Saturday, in order to frame the projet all together. (https://www.facebook.com/events/1718896085011757/)

After this launching event, we will presumably meet on a regular basis.

In addition to this facebook page, we opened a group to chat about various subjects. You can find it here (it’s mostly in French) : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1087314934634189/?fref=ts

Furthermore, we need you to implement and keep the project alive. If you want to participate, have an idea of something that might be useful but that we didn’t think or talked about yet, please propose ! And don’t hesitate if you’re able and willing to answer the needs we currently have :

  • Moderating and animating of the Offgrid Project Facebook page : it’s about posting articles linked to the project, sharing news…
  • Writing and publishing articles on offgrid.fr, linked to Offgrid and relevant linked themes (energy, autonomy, resilience, education, permaculture, bioclimatic housing…) ;
  • Proofreading the offgrid.fr articles, to avoid misprints and mistakes ;
  • Translating the offgrid.fr articles to other languages.

For now, we are mostly focused on publication. This is why we are in a pre-launching period. Once again, feel free to send us any other idea !

Offgrid : next steps

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  • 25 mai 2016 à 20 h 01 min

    I went to my local Benjamin Moore store to purchase the Coronado paint in Bistro White. The stores don’t carry the Coronado line of paint. It may be something to do with EPA laws, we are in California. They don’t even have a Bistro White color. Do you remember where you purchased the paint? I’m hoping to find a swatch.


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